Friday, December 14, 2012

Lego House

I'm gona pick up the pieces, and paint a FREAKING LEGO/ ED SHEERAN PAINTING AND FRAME IT!!C:

Thankyou Maria for showing me Birdie, who in turn brought me to Ed SheeranC:
My favorite song now "Drunk"
I loved painting this, Especially with all the beautiful ORANGE hair!!, I've really enjoyed painting this last semester.  I guess I won't be going to MCAD for that art class, but I will still be creating on and on, maybe for this last half of the year I will have more time for art and drawing, explore more coloring books, childrens books, paintings...etc
This christmas I would have really enjoyed to make coloring books for the nordstrom kids but school and work took me away from that, Oh well, that just means they'll be better nect year C:
My mom just said I'll be a great Mother somedayC: I thought that was the sweatest thing to say.  She said that beacue I keep saying "those are from Santa" when ever she askes about the presents Dad got for her and made me wrap C: C:

Sunday, December 2, 2012

MCAD Portfolio

Hello Jessica Scott, this is my blog for art I'll try to include as much as I can in this post as easily I can for you C:

Long Neck Giraffealacas childrens book
the first rhyme is "You have a very long neck said little Jimmy Fred. Yes my neck is so long I can be in a tree while in a shop drinking tea."

my deviantart page with my comics on it

Stop motion video-

 school newspaper comics-

 landscape painting, for painting 1

Work in progress, Tree roots of bones
Prompt: roots
medium: charcoal

Top picture: Juxtopositon for drawing 1
Below:Coloring book I did for my friends siblings, I made over 5 copies.

More art below....

Monday, September 10, 2012

My big bunny

In my painting class we are studying watercolor, after I got enough time I put my skills into a canvas, I could see this being in a nursery room

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Saturday, June 2, 2012

One of my favorite pages!C:
"be in a rocket while shopping at the market."

Monday, May 28, 2012

Hunger Games book

This is one of my pages for my hunger games english final.  I need like 10 more illustrations before school ends, Much work to be done.  This is my only big project though everything else is easy enough. I finished the Roundelay last week and it should be ready to sell end of this week SO excited, I did most of the work, editing, spent more than 10 hours on it! I hope I made a change from last years, because those one's looked like they were made by a freshman who had better things to do >:(
And last week I got a neat little surprise, Mr Liebo has been copying my coloring book and giving them to other teachers and their kidsC: This is why Mr. Liebo is my favorite teacher!

Friday, May 11, 2012

First page of book

First official page in Giraffealacas

Now I have over 15 more pages to do, I want to finish them all befor school ends, but the hard part is this is all done on the computer and i dont like looking at the computer for too long ): O well, I guess I'm gona have to tough it out! I have a feeling it looks like Dr Suess a bit, only the coloring, but that's how I like to color itC:

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Dinosaur Coloring book

The first copy of my coloring book!  it's the first of many more, I think I have more than 5 customers this time. I like to call them customers because it makes me feel more powerful, even though they don't have to pay for the books.  I went a bit more professional with these ones, to go along with how much better the pics are. Eventually I'll get them printed professionally but not until I feel I'm good enough. Oh! goodness. And this isn't the only thing I have to do this weekend. I also have to finish my art finals, ink my children's book and think of a pic for Liebo!! Who knew I'd be so invested in art, last summer I was still struggling over character design, now I got fudging characters coming out my butt!C: Until next time.  Bye

Sunday, April 22, 2012

The begining of a new project

I started working on the illustration for Giraffealacas. so far I've sketched out 4 pages. I think Little Jimmy Fred is perfect, and so cute! He's wearing overallsC:

For the Dinosaur coloring book I'm going to talk to Mrs Kope on Monday and see If I can get it published, after all I do have 5 customers: