Saturday, May 5, 2012

Dinosaur Coloring book

The first copy of my coloring book!  it's the first of many more, I think I have more than 5 customers this time. I like to call them customers because it makes me feel more powerful, even though they don't have to pay for the books.  I went a bit more professional with these ones, to go along with how much better the pics are. Eventually I'll get them printed professionally but not until I feel I'm good enough. Oh! goodness. And this isn't the only thing I have to do this weekend. I also have to finish my art finals, ink my children's book and think of a pic for Liebo!! Who knew I'd be so invested in art, last summer I was still struggling over character design, now I got fudging characters coming out my butt!C: Until next time.  Bye

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