Friday, December 14, 2012

Lego House

I'm gona pick up the pieces, and paint a FREAKING LEGO/ ED SHEERAN PAINTING AND FRAME IT!!C:

Thankyou Maria for showing me Birdie, who in turn brought me to Ed SheeranC:
My favorite song now "Drunk"
I loved painting this, Especially with all the beautiful ORANGE hair!!, I've really enjoyed painting this last semester.  I guess I won't be going to MCAD for that art class, but I will still be creating on and on, maybe for this last half of the year I will have more time for art and drawing, explore more coloring books, childrens books, paintings...etc
This christmas I would have really enjoyed to make coloring books for the nordstrom kids but school and work took me away from that, Oh well, that just means they'll be better nect year C:
My mom just said I'll be a great Mother somedayC: I thought that was the sweatest thing to say.  She said that beacue I keep saying "those are from Santa" when ever she askes about the presents Dad got for her and made me wrap C: C:

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