Saturday, December 28, 2013

String of lights

I'm feeling more confident about my ability to paint. I'm now giving in to the idea that painting doesn't have to be realistic or Super shaded but can be a lot of color blocking and patterns instead, which is what I'm liking more.  I thought of this piece because I was doodling myself with long hair, as it has been getting a bit too long.  And Of course it's Christmas time so it all came together to a fun little piece.
Gouache and watercolor on paper board

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas cards

 A few Christmas cards for my close friends. top to bottom: Kristi, Maria, Sarah.
5.5 x 4
gouache and watercolor
For the backs I even put colorful paper on and wrote a little Christmas note for each of them.

 Merry Christmas C:

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Hello Sailor!

There's always a bit of cat in each photo, right?
This is my final painting, prompt was for it to be a landscape but I went a little south, or north, somewhere and made it more of a children's illustration.  I did mention I was frustrated, and unsatisfied with the colors in my last post and I stand by that partially,because now I'm beginning to enjoy the whimsy of it.  Kind of like a coloring book where you just start putting in colors. There are many elements I wish to enhance, and clarify. But I'm finished ,indefinitely, to enjoy the holidays.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Because I'm finished, here's my self portrait for drawing. Currently I'm working on a landscape for painting. It's my final and I've only started a couple days ago and its stressing me out. I hate the colors now, half way in. now it's making me angry.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Tree climber

Gaining ground on my 2nd self portrait for drawing. due in a week. I'm excited about this one now even though it started out rough.  this is the third LARGE piece of paper that I've sketched a portrait on, the 2 previous were other completely different , TOO abstract ideas. this one's simple and has no blank/questionable/awkward spots.  I actually based this one off of a simple idea, of the picture of me when I was less than 5 hanging in a tree smiling.  Funny how you can draw more meaningful, beautiful pieces from the simplest elements of life. 

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Self Portraits

Its Strawberry Jam time! I'm currently working every hour of my time into 2 different portraits. One is for painting, in a traditional master's style and the other is for drawing( still deep in progress). So far I'm amazed with my painting, I thought I would never come close to my teacher who is a realist with her work that is so perfect. I was struggling on the first day of class doing a landscape like a 2 year old just slapping on bright green for the grass and disgusting brown on the trees. I felt like crying or smashing the tiny canvas. Now I'm just speechless, I've hardly touched acrylic before but because I've been doing so many other projects all the skills were there they just needed to emerge.

And here's to you Mrs. Robbinson, Hey Hey hey!  that song makes no sense to me but it's so cheerful C:
Off to work now ):

Monday, October 28, 2013

midnight thirsys

Acrylic on 2' x 3' canvas
probably took me more than 40 hours to paint.
I'm happy with it but I feel like I can't see it with out critiquing it, so that's annoying me right now.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Shoe Stew 2

updated version. I finished the background and tried to push the highlights.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Shoe Stew

Shoe stew
charcoal and red clay
This project was one of those that I had to anchor myself down for a couple hours at a time to get it done. I could have done something so much easier but I really do push myself when I have the room and time.
Again with this class, being drawing, I'm always on top, even the student I admire in class with me is falling behind, but that position doesn't cross over to my Painting class. I've done paintings, and worked with acrylic but in this class I feel I'm a beginner like all the rest. I actually get frustrated when I don't understand what the teacher wants of me or how to make wood look like wood not just a smear of poop. And it's good though, it toughens my ego, and makes me work harder at drawing. Things take time and concentration, that's how I learned to draw and that's how I'll learn to paint.

Minnesota winter birds

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Colored pencil still life, final piece for my colored pencil studies.
Funny thing, I ended up with this still life because the day we were to start in class I  left my box of objects at home so I compromised by taking off my boot and scarf and using random objects from the class cabinets.

Colorful shoes

Shoe studies with colored pencils.
So glad to be finished with this assignment from my drawing 2 class, I was really unsure how it would turn out since I've never done this medium to this extreme, but I feel I've overcome that now.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Back to Traditional art

Watercolor and ink (first time using speedball pen).  It always take awhile for my mind to settle away from critically comparing it to the original. Wanting to be perfect I always want to add and adjust until it's as close as I can get it to the real thing but now after a few minutes away from it I'm delighted with how well it came out.
Here's an interesting comparison, little under a year ago from now I did an in-class assignment of a water colored skull, similar to the one I did today. And as it shows I've changed a bit.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


I went to my old elementary school yard to swing on the old swing set I loved, but they removed them, I was hopping to bring Nubia there when she comes to visit Minnesota.

Friday, August 16, 2013


I haven't been feeling to well about my artistic abilities lately primarily with style and color, so I made a little workshop for myself and practiced by making mini birdhouses with scrape watercolor paper. The first couple I did where terrible but after that I was having fun and I think they look cute, all different colors with various bits and pieces.
I told Kyle who was sitting next to me at the dinning table, now used more for arts and crafts, that he has to make all these birdhouses real. He's over there slowly brushing on paint for his wooden shin blade he made for his cos-play costume. Huffing and puffing. he grumbles "Ya right, It's taken me 2 months just to get to this point."

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Lemon Sucker

This is a recent piece I did for my friend at work. There is a story she brought up to me a few times about a boy that kissed her on a car tire. At her playground in elementary or preschool there where tires of all kinds laid out like equipment to play on and the kids there weren't too nice to Arica. She was the only one small enough to fit in the middle of the tire, just a small little thing, nothing wrong with that, but kids are mean, especially in groups. So as she was crying on the tire a boy, thee ladies boy of the playground came over with his baseball hat and lemon sucker and told her to ignore them,  then kissed her.
She hasn't had too much good luck lately with boys or life in general, that's probably why she brought this story up so much. Just a happy memory to think of above all the bad in life.
Happy Birthday Arica.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

N is for nightlight

Here are my most recent illustrations from my MCAD class for children's illustration.   I did my own typography for the little chick one which scared me. Not something I've done before but a new skill that will soon be fun to play with.
The second picture was a huge surprise to me for what I expected of it.  The concept for it was sucked out my skin through drafts after drafts, until finally it made me smile, but at that point I only had the next morning until 5pm to paint it for my class. SHI!#. Well I woke up early had the most nutritious breakfast rather than my usual cup of ice cream.  I turned on the lamp, my lap top, plugged in my headphones and sat down for 9 hours listening to Alt J ( ) on repeat up until 5:30pm the whole time thinking that this was going to me a fail.  The first words from my teacher as she saw it were as vexed as Alice in wonderland; "Okay, Heather, what did you do?"
The three other students had already presented their pieces of cute, adorable scenes of a girl sleeping with bubble dreams above their heads, very lovely and sweet, and mine was like a dark shadow of teeth beside them all on the wall.
Well, Carrie, I had fun C:

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Graduation cards

Here are the graduation cards I made for some of my close friends, each with a personal illustration. Almost all of these girls I won't be seeing come fall with college, so I will definitely miss each one of them and all their fun quirks and jokes.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Posh shark

Posh shark, I wanted to do a series of posh animals but I'm getting swamped with everything else.
some more recent things: this is a negative space project for drawing, called "story time". Ink, newspaper, charcoal and acrylic.

This was a suprizing thing, one day M said that one of my pictures where down stairs at school in a big frame. I never go down stairs so I never saw it, later I went down their and discovered it was framed beautifuly with a little plack with my name on it C:  And beside it, outside the picture, is a frame of my friends work who was with me in the same class, it's kind of a duo with us, if my stuff is showcased hers is too. Its like a thank you for putting up with me, always being a few steps ahead of you.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

James the giraffe

Here is the final product I've been so excited over the past weeks. I got a great idea for my best friends little brother; making a characture of him as a giraffe.  I got the wood specialy cut out and bevelled from "CraftCuts" cost me a bit but it looks professional.  I spent 2 days painting it by hand with no stopping and lots of repeats on my playlists.
I'm happy with how it turned out and glad that J likes it. My favorite part is the basketball! C:

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Self portrait, gestural
Some recent pieces from drawing
                   organizational line drawings:

 Gestural drawings: