Saturday, March 16, 2013

Posh shark

Posh shark, I wanted to do a series of posh animals but I'm getting swamped with everything else.
some more recent things: this is a negative space project for drawing, called "story time". Ink, newspaper, charcoal and acrylic.

This was a suprizing thing, one day M said that one of my pictures where down stairs at school in a big frame. I never go down stairs so I never saw it, later I went down their and discovered it was framed beautifuly with a little plack with my name on it C:  And beside it, outside the picture, is a frame of my friends work who was with me in the same class, it's kind of a duo with us, if my stuff is showcased hers is too. Its like a thank you for putting up with me, always being a few steps ahead of you.

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