Thursday, July 11, 2013

N is for nightlight

Here are my most recent illustrations from my MCAD class for children's illustration.   I did my own typography for the little chick one which scared me. Not something I've done before but a new skill that will soon be fun to play with.
The second picture was a huge surprise to me for what I expected of it.  The concept for it was sucked out my skin through drafts after drafts, until finally it made me smile, but at that point I only had the next morning until 5pm to paint it for my class. SHI!#. Well I woke up early had the most nutritious breakfast rather than my usual cup of ice cream.  I turned on the lamp, my lap top, plugged in my headphones and sat down for 9 hours listening to Alt J ( ) on repeat up until 5:30pm the whole time thinking that this was going to me a fail.  The first words from my teacher as she saw it were as vexed as Alice in wonderland; "Okay, Heather, what did you do?"
The three other students had already presented their pieces of cute, adorable scenes of a girl sleeping with bubble dreams above their heads, very lovely and sweet, and mine was like a dark shadow of teeth beside them all on the wall.
Well, Carrie, I had fun C: