Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Shoe Stew

Shoe stew
charcoal and red clay
This project was one of those that I had to anchor myself down for a couple hours at a time to get it done. I could have done something so much easier but I really do push myself when I have the room and time.
Again with this class, being drawing, I'm always on top, even the student I admire in class with me is falling behind, but that position doesn't cross over to my Painting class. I've done paintings, and worked with acrylic but in this class I feel I'm a beginner like all the rest. I actually get frustrated when I don't understand what the teacher wants of me or how to make wood look like wood not just a smear of poop. And it's good though, it toughens my ego, and makes me work harder at drawing. Things take time and concentration, that's how I learned to draw and that's how I'll learn to paint.

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