Monday, November 11, 2013

Tree climber

Gaining ground on my 2nd self portrait for drawing. due in a week. I'm excited about this one now even though it started out rough.  this is the third LARGE piece of paper that I've sketched a portrait on, the 2 previous were other completely different , TOO abstract ideas. this one's simple and has no blank/questionable/awkward spots.  I actually based this one off of a simple idea, of the picture of me when I was less than 5 hanging in a tree smiling.  Funny how you can draw more meaningful, beautiful pieces from the simplest elements of life. 

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Self Portraits

Its Strawberry Jam time! I'm currently working every hour of my time into 2 different portraits. One is for painting, in a traditional master's style and the other is for drawing( still deep in progress). So far I'm amazed with my painting, I thought I would never come close to my teacher who is a realist with her work that is so perfect. I was struggling on the first day of class doing a landscape like a 2 year old just slapping on bright green for the grass and disgusting brown on the trees. I felt like crying or smashing the tiny canvas. Now I'm just speechless, I've hardly touched acrylic before but because I've been doing so many other projects all the skills were there they just needed to emerge.

And here's to you Mrs. Robbinson, Hey Hey hey!  that song makes no sense to me but it's so cheerful C:
Off to work now ):