Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Yard Sale

 A game board for my last assignment in Color Theory class.
the theme is Yard Sale and the line of flags is the path from finish to end.
13x13" acrylic on illustration board.

Monday, April 14, 2014


Acrylic on Illustration board

Commission for a classmate I had in High school.
He's a kind, lighthearted guy who until recently I found is the greatest guitarist I've had the pleasure of knowing.  Yet I still haven't been able to see him perform, and really would love to.  You're an amazing person Obi.  I'm constantly impressed with how much your excelling with your talent.  It was a pleasure to create this for someone as equally creative. I'm glad you asked me to make this for you C:

Thank you card

A commission piece for my Manager!
She asked me to do a piece for her after she heard about my 1st and 2nd places in the NHCC gallery.  My amazing co-worker was excited to spread the word and show whoever my art. My manage had a look at my blog and immediately showed me a picture of an adorable great Dane. She wanted the piece as a thank you card for her room mate that she is moving away from now that she is getting her own house.  The dog is her roommate's and the cat is hers.

acrylic and watercolor on illustration board

Self Portrait, Triadic

Acrylic on illustration board
Triadic color scheme: (yellow green, blue purple, red orange) with black and white

This portrait was really fun to do.  On my regular blog I posted the picture I used for this.  I was able to create this really deep shadow on the side of my face which is now a deep mysterious blue shadow.  I also set up the background with odd decorative picture frames that helped carry the whimsical feel I was going for.
I'm always surprised when ever I do a project as big as this, it somehow gets easier and less stressful with every new one.

Friday, April 4, 2014


This is another color experiment for my color theory class based on a painting by Franz marc called "foxes".  I had to recreate the painting in a triadic color scheme (yellow orange, red purple and blue green).  It's toward the end of the semester and again I'm getting swamped. next I have two more big projects including a self portrait.

But I can now say I'm greatly relieved. Yesterday was the opening night to the NHCC student art gallery and I came just in time to accept two awards granted to me. I won a 2nd place (there were 2) for painting on my self portrait and a 1st place on my illustration of the color quilt.
Up next I have a small collection of my art being displayed in the NHCC campus center for the art's festival and I might be more excited for that one just in the fact that it's a  collection and looks cohesive.