Friday, April 4, 2014


This is another color experiment for my color theory class based on a painting by Franz marc called "foxes".  I had to recreate the painting in a triadic color scheme (yellow orange, red purple and blue green).  It's toward the end of the semester and again I'm getting swamped. next I have two more big projects including a self portrait.

But I can now say I'm greatly relieved. Yesterday was the opening night to the NHCC student art gallery and I came just in time to accept two awards granted to me. I won a 2nd place (there were 2) for painting on my self portrait and a 1st place on my illustration of the color quilt.
Up next I have a small collection of my art being displayed in the NHCC campus center for the art's festival and I might be more excited for that one just in the fact that it's a  collection and looks cohesive.

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