Friday, July 31, 2015

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Winter is the warmest season of all

here is one of my final illustration spreads for the last assignment in children's illustration class. The text it is based off is from a real book, I haven't looked at what the book looks like yet but I will get to after I finish the next illustration for nxt Monday.
acrylic on 23"x12.5" Bristol paper
I'm not sure I'll be able to do the next one, which would be the next page in the book. I kinda hate this one and to do another would mean to continue the look of this one. I don't know why I hate it either, which is irritating and I just don't feel like doing art for awhile.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Photos Summer 2015

Digital photography, editing in Photoshop on 1 and 3
Here are some photos I took today, I got up early ( 8am...) and went out in the woods and all over the yard to get some good pictures for class tomorrow. This is always fun, but I don't do it much. It's always hard to think about taking pictures especially when it involves a large camera and having to get the right shot. I think photography takes away from living in the moment, especially like when everyone's at a concert and recording the show, so the whole time they are watching an amazing concert through their crappy video cameras.  In that instance I think it's terrible but I should start taking photos more often.  It's always nice to see photos that bring back memories. Even if they don't reveal much, or aren't perfect, just a few subtle details can hold a lot of memories. I'll start doing that from now on, I guess. 

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Cat in the garden

This is the first time I did this process of separation, it was surprisingly easy and very fulfilling. With this process I drew the same picture 3 times on paper and blackened certain features in the design; (one page was a wash, another was the markings on the cat and the flowers and the next was the branches in the bush). Once I scanned it into Photoshop I was able to easily recolor all the fine lines. I can finally see how this can be well worth it in future projects because color is such a tricky thing and with this I can change colors freely and the art still looks hand made.
The cat is Ace, I took her outside today because she's been whining for days and following me around. I let her roam freely as she wanted for almost an hour until she got too close to the street. She seems pretty content now.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Minnesota Banner

I finished another piece for my class. the assignment was to make a web banner piece for a web site call SCBWI.
acrylic and colored pencil, 4" x 20"
I'm starting to realize that I need a lot more practice with color. I get frustrated easily. It's had to pick a color that will work, plus decide the value (dark or light) and if it should be vibrant or dull. It's just too much for such a small task so I usually mix a color spend 3 minutes painting then mix a new color and cover up the old one and so on. This piece is actually the second one I completed. And even after doing one previously I still wasn't confident doing it again.
With the piece the colors could have a lot more shadows and darks. I could use more vibrant colors more effectively, and I could have the colors be more cohesive, because with this they are very much all over the place, and dull.
Oh well.  I'm surprised I was able to go through with making another one. 
that's one of my new goals; work on color and work on environment.