Saturday, July 11, 2015

Cat in the garden

This is the first time I did this process of separation, it was surprisingly easy and very fulfilling. With this process I drew the same picture 3 times on paper and blackened certain features in the design; (one page was a wash, another was the markings on the cat and the flowers and the next was the branches in the bush). Once I scanned it into Photoshop I was able to easily recolor all the fine lines. I can finally see how this can be well worth it in future projects because color is such a tricky thing and with this I can change colors freely and the art still looks hand made.
The cat is Ace, I took her outside today because she's been whining for days and following me around. I let her roam freely as she wanted for almost an hour until she got too close to the street. She seems pretty content now.

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