Friday, July 10, 2015

Minnesota Banner

I finished another piece for my class. the assignment was to make a web banner piece for a web site call SCBWI.
acrylic and colored pencil, 4" x 20"
I'm starting to realize that I need a lot more practice with color. I get frustrated easily. It's had to pick a color that will work, plus decide the value (dark or light) and if it should be vibrant or dull. It's just too much for such a small task so I usually mix a color spend 3 minutes painting then mix a new color and cover up the old one and so on. This piece is actually the second one I completed. And even after doing one previously I still wasn't confident doing it again.
With the piece the colors could have a lot more shadows and darks. I could use more vibrant colors more effectively, and I could have the colors be more cohesive, because with this they are very much all over the place, and dull.
Oh well.  I'm surprised I was able to go through with making another one. 
that's one of my new goals; work on color and work on environment. 

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