Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Photos Summer 2015

Digital photography, editing in Photoshop on 1 and 3
Here are some photos I took today, I got up early ( 8am...) and went out in the woods and all over the yard to get some good pictures for class tomorrow. This is always fun, but I don't do it much. It's always hard to think about taking pictures especially when it involves a large camera and having to get the right shot. I think photography takes away from living in the moment, especially like when everyone's at a concert and recording the show, so the whole time they are watching an amazing concert through their crappy video cameras.  In that instance I think it's terrible but I should start taking photos more often.  It's always nice to see photos that bring back memories. Even if they don't reveal much, or aren't perfect, just a few subtle details can hold a lot of memories. I'll start doing that from now on, I guess. 

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