Sunday, August 2, 2015

Fawn in the Garden

Here is another small illustration 
I should have been doing my children's book illustration homework this entire week, but since Wednesday I decided "NOPE" I'm done. I was supposed to continue the winter illustration I did last week with another spread.  I have a sketch idea, the large paper mapped out and plenty of time but even with all that I have NO motivation. I'm sure I could do a decent job if I hammered through it but I know it would be no fun and really stressful like the previous one was. So, instead of torturing myself, I decided to continue these little illustrations with the garden and animal theme. For some reason, maybe because these are so much smaller and less permanent, I've been having fun doing them and could probably keep making them with out it feeling like a chore. I'm far too indecisive so being able to pick the colors in photoshop takes away almost all the anxiety I get when painting.

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