Thursday, August 13, 2015

girl in the garden

I'm really interested in my garden lately, although I could have taken better care of my sunflowers cause they look very sickly. But everything else has been wonderful, forget-me-nots, tomatoes, Petunias, morning glorys, raspberries, a rampaging gourd plant with a million warty gourds growing, and my wonderful grape vine that is taking over the entire garden. I got a lot of bunches of grapes this year so I finally decided to make good use of them. Yesterday I made 4 jars of jam, and I've got 2 more from earlier. YUM! Anybody wants some jam, I can definitely make another half a dozen jars C:
This piece is made with watercolor and colored pencil, just a simple doodle. I'm planning on getting into a bigger project with this garden theme, hopefully before school starts again.

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